Program Notes

Hymns and Songs for Winds

Welcome to spring concert of the 2018-2019 RVSB season. This is a very exciting program for the RVSB. Not only do you get the opportunity to hear one of the country’s premiere trumpet players, you will also hear the program we just performed at the 2019 ACB (Association of Concert Bands) National Convention this past Wednesday. This was a performance that we were invited to and played along with many other wonderful community bands including the Allentown Band, Hanover Wind Symphony and the Eastern Wind Symphony, just to name a few. It’s been a very busy and exciting week. I hope you will enjoy our concert Hymns and Songs for Winds.
This program was inspired by some of the greatest band compositions and arrangements based on some form of vocal music. While composing music based on folk songs was very popular in the 20th century, you can find musical examples that date back to Beethoven and even Mozart. One of the good things that came from the military, is the vast amount of folk tunes. While there is some debate as to the origin of The Girl I Left Behind Me, Leroy Anderson is an icon of American composition and created a spirited setting of this song. The beautiful lullaby All the Pretty Little Horses has been arranged and performed by numerous artists including Peter, Paul and Mary, Judy Collins, and Kenny Loggins. Andrew Boysen puts his own spin on this popular lullaby. Make Our Garden Grow is one of many wonderful tunes from the opera Candide, written by another icon of American music, Leonard Bernstein.
It is with the utmost of pleasure and honor that we present the beautiful sounds of Kenneth DeCarlo on trumpet. You will have the pleasure of hearing him play two pieces. The first of these, My Old Kentucky Home is a set of variations based on the beloved song written by Stephen Foster and performed each year at the Kentucky Derby.
The next two pieces both make use of folk songs that again come from a military background. Jerry Bilik’s masterful arrangement of American Civil War Fantasy presents numerous familiar tunes that I’m sure you will recognize. This will be followed by a haunting yet beautiful arrangement of Loch Lomond by Frank Ticheli. Highlighting his technical prowess on the trumpet, Mr. DeCarlo will join us again to perform a tour de force in the trumpet world, The Carnival of Venice. We will close our concert with one of the most popular and highly regarded pieces ever written for concert band, Second Folk Song Suite by Gustav Holst.
We hope you will enjoy our concert of Hymns and Songs for Winds!